Steps to troubleshoot connectivity issues more »

SQLExamples: Common Solutions for T-SQL Problems

There is a new great WIKI ressource for common T-SQL solutions at MSDN Code Gallery, it's called SQLExampels. In this WIKI presented information, represents the suggestions, ideas, and opinions of Volunteer Moderators and Answerers (you know Arnie Roland… more »

Conversion and Arithmetic Errors more »

Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer's Guide

Das Buch bietet eine Menge interessanten Lesestoff für den fortgeschrittenen, ambitionierten T-SQL Entwickler. Es schliesst damit eine Lücke zwischen der Ein… mehr »

Tuning the Performance of Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

There is an interesting technical note by using the backup compression and its benefits in SQL-Server 2008 at SQLCAT. Follow up:… more »

Das Programmierhandbuch SQL Server 2005

Das vorliegende Buch bietet auf knapp über 1000 Seiten einen rundherum gelungenen Überblick über die Programmierun… mehr »

How to cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005

How to cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005Mark Horniger et al2007, Elsevier LTD, Oxford412 Seiten49,95 $ISBN-10: 1597491969 Microsoft hat in den SQL Server 2005 zahlreiche neue Sicherheitsfeatures eingebaut, die einen leistungsfähigeren Datenbankserver m… mehr »

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3!

UPDATE READ THIS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 + Cumulative UpdatesMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 Beta now available Last week, Francois Ajenstat announced on The Data Platform Insider that Microsoft will deliver SQL-Server 200… more »

Storage Consideration for SQL Server 2005 DW environment mehr »

How It Works: What is a Sleeping / Awaiting Command Session mehr »

Great New Resource for SQL Server 2008 Books Online Information

The SQL User Edutcation Team have created a new scoped Search macro on Windows Live search. It helps you to narrow your search to just the SQL Server 2008 Books Online documentation(BOL) and eliminate extranneous results from other sources, like the SQL… more »

SQL-Server 2008 Books Online auf Windows Live

Analog zur SQL-Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search hat das SQL User Education Team eine search engine entwickelt, die nur Ergebnisse der SQL Server 2008 Onlinedokumentation liefert (BOL). SQL Server 2008 Books Online Scoped Search mehr »