Welcome as a Speaker for SQLSat 230 Rheinland

Yesterday, I received the "Welcome as a Speaker for SQLSat 230 Rheinland" – Mail.


I am touched ...

We are happy to announce the schedule for SQLSaturday #230 Rheinland and welcome you as one of our selected speakers.

What an honor! I will talk about performance and manageability of tempdb, from the perspective of a database administrator.

I am happy about, that there are 3 InsideSQL’s:

Before I forget, take a closer look at Pre-Conference SQLSaturday #230 on Friday– very cheap & interesting!

Are you a photographers? Please get in touch with Dirk Hondong!

CU at SQLSaturday #230 | Rheinland!

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    Dirk Hondong
    Comment from: Dirk Hondong
    2013-06-06 @ 12:05:04

    Thx for mentioning my blog post :-)

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    Comment from: alzdba
    2013-07-17 @ 10:34:14

    It's been great meeting you and SQLSat230 has been fun. Johan

  • Comment from: tosc
    2013-07-17 @ 10:43:58

    It was pleasure to meet you, Johan! And I think, it will be a good investigation to learn more about power shell, like your stuff - http://www.sqlsaturday.com/viewsession.aspx?sat=230&sessionid=14790 CU tosc

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