Listing a specified field in a database

Sometimes you know the field name, but forget about in which table it is.
This small procedure will help you ;).

USE AdventureWorks — the database must be specified
CREATE PROCEDURE procAllTableswithField(@columnname nvarchar(400)='%')
SELECT OBJECT_NAME(sys.columns.object_id) AS "Table",
RTRIM( AS "Column"
FROM sys.columns INNER JOIN sys.objects
ON sys.columns.object_id = sys.objects.object_id
WHERE Like @columnname AND sys.objects.type = 'u'

--- list all tables with specified field
EXEC procAllTableswithField 'CustomerID'

EXEC procAllTableswithField 'cust%'

EXEC procAllTableswithField

You can download it here ;)

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bsimser released SharePoint Forums 1.2

SharePoint Forums Web Part.

  • Navigation menu to quickly jump to anywhere on the system
  • Ability to place forums and categories in whatever display order you want
  • Topic title/full body message search with links to topics/forums
  • Ability to configure date format displays


  • Support for ASP.NET 2.0 installations on WSSv2 and SP2
  • Order of forums is fixed to allow “bumping” of topics
  • Post count display fixed on home page
  • Last post date/time display fixed


  • Topics now require a subject before being created
  • When replying to a specific message (not the entire thread) you can now preview the message you’re replying to

You can grab it here.

Update: 80-20 Retention Server 1.1 released

David Gillespie:
We're very pleased to announce that we have just uploaded version 1.1 Its still free and you can still download it from: Don't forget to get the updated documentation as well from: Because every bug we've caught so far can be traced back to an installation issue, this release doesn't change any of the actual product's code (only the installer). So if you have successfully installed and all is running fine, then you can ignore this release. If however you plan to do more installations then things will run smoother if you use this version. An additional utility is supplied as part of this release. wpupdate.exe can be used to add Retention Server to Portal Sites which were not selected as part of the original install. See page 23 (26 in Adobe) of the installation and configuration guide for more detail on how to use it. This release contains the following changes in the installer: -A new dialog to let users specify the LDAP URL and validate it with the service account -Changed the way we connect with SQL server. We used to use SQLDMO which only comes with Microsoft SQL Server, so if that is not available the installer used to fail. Now we use generic ADODB which should be installed by default on all servers. -Use SharePoint Object Model first to show the list of portals available for Retention Server to install on, if that fails we query IIS to show the list of websites. -Validate the portal owner in the Active Directory specified by the LDAP URL and warn them if the user cannot be resolved. -Some minor bug fixes. Cheers David.

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PDF search support for WSS under SPS

You know, that your WSS-Sites search uses the SQL-Server Full-Text-Catalog for indexing to work.

To add the PDF search support:

  1. you’ll need to download and install the PDF IFilter to your SQL-Server(s) used by SharePoint
  2. rebuild the SQL Server Full-Text-Catalog for each content database
  3. … and remenber to create a Schedule - it’s more effectively ;)


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Performance data: SQL 2000 versus SQL 2005

At Microsoft Office Assistance a new content has been added comparing the performance data about SQL 2000 versus SQL 2005 with SharePoint Portal Server:

Appendix: SQL Server Performance Test Results

… with some interesting results!

Farm size SQL Server 2000 
average RPS
SQL Server 2005 
average RPS
Extra-large, topics only11481820+59%
Extra-large, team sites only17221610–7%
Extra-large, home page only 17361750+1%

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Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services

There is a new document for Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services!


  • General Issues
  • Security (Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services)
  • Data Entry
  • Filters
  • Surveys
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Document Libraries
  • Meeting Workspace Sites
  • Themes (Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services)
  • Online Presence and Instant Messaging Integration
  • Web Browsers and Client Programs
  • Usage Analysis
  • Alerts and Invitations
  • Installation and Setup
  • Search

Thanks to Daniel McPherson’s

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UPDATE Livemeeting - 80-20 Retention Server live demo

Just in case who missed the webcast, there is a free recording available by clicking the following link:

For the free EDRM solution - 80-20 Retention Server for Microsoft SharePoint the 80-20 Software Team will be doing a one hour webcast on 2nd Feb 2006 at (updated) 5:00pm UK time (9:00am US West Coast), (4am 3 Feb Aus East Daylight Time).



  • Introduction to information records management.
  • Retention Server overview
  • Whats the catch ? Why is something this good free?
  • Demo
  • Futures / roadmap for O12 Server
  • Brief overview of 80-20’s wider enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions Call to action (i) Customers (ii) Microsoft Partners


David Gillespie
80-20 Software

Be sure, that your system is compatible with MS Office Live Meeting!

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UPDATE: James Milne - SPStatus (BETA)


SPStatus v1.1 has been released and is available for download from

I would love to hear any feedback you have about SPStatus, so please feel free to reply to this message.

You are receiving this email because you downloaded SPStatus during the year and nominated to receive updates. If you are no longer interested in knowing about SPStatus just let me know.


James Milne.

James Milne - SPStatus (BETA)

80-20 Retention Server for Microsoft SharePoint - FREE ADD-ON

A FREE add-on for Microsoft SharePoint - the Retention Server.

For organizations using Microsoft SharePoint that need to manage the retention lifecycle of electronic documents and email, 80-20 Retention Server is a free enterprise software solution that automates the retention process by applying information retention policies as part of everyday business processes.

80-20 Retention Server enables organizations to index, link, store, search, access and ultimately disposes of records stored in SharePoint over their complete lifecycle.

Solution Components:

Solution Components

  • Server - enforces retention business rules, installed on Sharepoint Server, stores documents and metadata in SQL Server.
  • Web Part – integrates with Team Spaces and allows direct application of retention schedules to Team documents
  • Records Administration Workbench - for records specialists to administer disposal schedules, file plans and archives.
  • SDK - allows users, partners, developers etc – to further extend if desired the utility of 80-20 Retention Server for Sharepoint in ways specific to corporate need.
  • File Plan – enterprise ready file plan for immediate use, can be extended or modified as needed.
  • Step by Step guide - to implementing retention compliance.


Shane - Tabbed Menus (11 in fact)

Shanegreat browsing: Here are 11 free ones you can use - just pop them into a content editor web part and you are all set.