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activecursors addextendedproc addinstance auditevent autopilot buffer bytes cacheprofile cachestats callfulltext checkalloc checkcatalog checkconstraints checkdb checkfilegroup checkident checkprimaryfile checktable cleantable clearspacecaches collectstats concurrencyviolation cursorstats dbrecover dbreindex dbreindexall dbrepair debugbreak deleteinstance detachdb dropcleanbuffers dropextendedproc config dbinfo dbtable lock log page resource dumptrigger errorlog extentinfo fileheader fixallocation flush flushprocindb forceghostcleanup free freeproccache freesessioncache freesystemcache freeze_io help icecapquery incrementinstance ind indexdefrag inputbuffer invalidate_textptr invalidate_textptr_objid latch loginfo mapallocunit memobjlist memorymap memorystatus metadata movepage no_textptr opentran optimizer_whatif outputbuffer perfmon persiststackhash pintable proccache prtipage readpage renamecolumn ruleoff ruleon semetadata setcpuweight setinstance setioweight show_statistics showcontig showdbaffinity showfilestats showoffrules showonrules showtableaffinity showtext showweights shrinkdatabase shrinkfile sqlmgrstats sqlperf stackdump tec thaw_io traceoff traceon tracestatus unpintable updateusage useplan useroptions writepage cleanpage

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