Category: "SQL Server Administration"

Calculating SQL Server Data Compression Savings

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition comes with an opportunity for storing table or index data in a compressed format which may save huge amount of storage space and - much more important - IO requests and buffer pool utilization. There's two different… mehr »

SQL Server Start Time

Have you tried finding out the time, your SQL Server instance has been started? There are some sophisticated solutions, like the one from Tracy Hamlin (twitter), which takes advantage of the fact that tempdb is re-created every time, SQL Server starts.… mehr »

How useful is your backup?

A backup is worth nothing, if you can't utilize it for restore. You probably agree with this well known word of wisdom, don't you? This week I had to learn another aspect - the hard way: There are many cases that may require a restore. Only one of… mehr »

Multiple statistics sharing the same leading column

SQL Server will not prevent you from creating identical indexes or statistics. You may think that everything is under your control, but have you ever added a missing index that has been reported by the query optimizer, or the DTA? If so, you will… mehr »

How to treat your MDF and LDF files

Have you ever set a database to read only? If so, you probably did this by using SQL Server Management Studio or by by executing the regarding ALTER DATABASE command. Here's another method that I had to investigate recently: I colleague of mine with… mehr »