Offener Brief an Microsoft

Dear Mr. Nadella,

Sharepoint on Prem - Missing Link in Office 365 for Office developers

A lot customers like the idea of O365 as simple "rent MS Office". The idea and everything is great.

There are lots of customers (at least over here in "Old Europe") which are not able (or willing) - especially because of the problem with "the last mile" - to totally depend on the cloud. There are less security problems (NSA etc.), but just the knowledge of being totally depending on "the last mile" for everything is horrible, as especially in more rural areas the internet connection often is not sufficient / reliable enough for lots of small customers.

Most of that people can be convinced to take O365, but for Office-developers, who want to "jump on the band-wagon" there is one big missing link:

And that is Sharepoint on Premise.

If you would add for developers a ready configured VM with Sharepoint to download and for those "on premise" customers (worst case for a small additional monthly fee) a user cal licence limited to use Sharepoint just and only within that VM for that O365 users, which have a license that includes O365 on prem anyway. Then the customer easily can switch between "on premise" and "cloud" - and the developer can develop ONLY for that new cloud model, regardless if the customer already in the cloud or not.

a) Much bigger Office-developer support for the cloud - so much more office "Apps" for MS
b) Faster adoption to the cloud - because when a customer sees the advantages of the cloud he is more willing to jump into it.

What do YOU think ?

best regards from Germany

Für Rücksprachen stehe ich gern zur Verfügung

mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Nürnberg
kind regards

Klaus Oberdalhoff