Future Technology: The Mactini

Or what do you think?


I wish you a nice day,

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    Comment from: cmu
    2010-12-07 @ 15:52:29

    Who needs more?

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    Comment from: tosc
    2010-12-07 @ 16:05:04


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    Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2010-12-07 @ 20:48:54


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    Comment from: Andreas
    2011-06-16 @ 15:46:09

    Yeah lol, what a nice fascinating gimick, i would like to hav "mactini air" , 1 mm thin :-) That would be quite a nice gimmick as a clock on my arm or something like that lol :-) By the way why is everything english here? Es ist doch ein deutscher Blog,..oder? lg Andreas

  • Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2011-06-27 @ 08:54:06

    Nicht alles ist Englisch hier. Einige Blogger schreiben in Deutsch, andere Englisch und manche entscheiden sich mal so, mal so. :-)

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