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PASS Deutschland e.V. Franken - Mittwoch, 20.06.2012 18:30 Uhr - Das SQL Administrator Einmaleins für SharePoint Datenbanken - Patrick Heyde (Microsoft)‏

Hallo, recht herzlich laden wir Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter ein zum kostenlosen Pass-Vortrag "Das SQL Administrator Einmaleins für SharePoint Datenbanken“ am Mittwoch, 20.06.2012 in Nürnberg mit Patrick Heyde von Microsoft. Agenda und Anmeldung unter… mehr »

PASS 19.10.2010: Business Intelligence-Dashboards mit SharePoint 2010 und Microsoft BI-Suite

Recht herzlich laden wir Sie ein zu unserem kostenlosen Pass-Vortrag "Business Intelligence-Dashboards mit SharePoint 2010 und Microsoft BI-Suite" am 19.10.2010 in Nürnberg in der Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg. Die Veranstaltung findet ausnahmsweise nicht… mehr »

SharePoint - csegSearch update 1.5

Carlos Segura Sanz has updated his csegSearch (for SPS 2003) to version 1.5. ;) Now some issues with the custom results, are correctly displayed. For more information plz visit Carlos Segura Sanz. more »

bsimser released SharePoint Forums 1.2

New Navigation menu to quickly jump to anywhere on the system Ability to place forums and categories in whatever display order you want Topic title/full body message search with links to topics/forums Ability to configure date format displays… more »

Update: 80-20 Retention Server 1.1 released

David Gillespie: We're very pleased to announce that we have just uploaded version 1.1 Its still free and you can still download it from: http://www.80-20.com/retentionserver/downloads/setup.exe Don't forget to get the updated documentation as well… more »

PDF search support for WSS under SPS

You know, that your WSS-Sites search uses the SQL-Server Full-Text-Catalog for indexing to work.To add the PDF search support: you'll need to download and install the PDF IFilter to your SQL-Server(s) used by SharePointrebuild the SQL Server… more »

Performance data: SQL 2000 versus SQL 2005

At Microsoft Office Assistance a new content has been added comparing the performance data about SQL 2000 versus SQL 2005 with SharePoint Portal Server: Appendix: SQL Server Performance Test Results... with some interesting results! Farm size SQL… more »

Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services

There is a new document for Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services! Contents: General IssuesSecurity (Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services)Data EntryFiltersSurveysContactsEventsDocument LibrariesMeeting Workspace SitesThemes (Troubleshooting… mehr »

UPDATE Livemeeting - 80-20 Retention Server live demo

UPDATE: Just in case who missed the webcast, there is a free recording available by clicking the following link: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/view?id=RetentionSvr&pw=markharrison For the free EDRM solution - 80-20 Retention Server for… mehr »

UPDATE: James Milne - SPStatus (BETA)

James: SPStatus v1.1 has been released and is available for download from http://james.milne.com/SPStatus/download/files.htm I would love to hear any feedback you have about SPStatus, so please feel free to reply to this message. You are… more »
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