T-SQL Debugger in SQL Server 2008


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The T-SQL Debugger in SQL Server 2008

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Duration: 19:15 min.

Summary: The T-SQL debug feature was restored to the Management Studio tool in SQL Server 2008. With this features it is possible to debug programmable objects created in SQL Server, such as stored procedures or user defined functions, inside the Management Studio tool without needing a license for the Visual Studio suite. This video first explain how to create these objects and how to start debugging them inside the Management Studio. The video then show how to control the execution flow, the windows used to see variables and parameters values and the call stack made by the call of the object being executed. The video also show how to set and toggle breakpoints in order to avoid the execution of every line of code of the object while debugging it.

Technologies: SQL Server, Debugger.

Methodology: This video uses examples to explain how to debug a programable object in SQL Server, such as a stored procedure or a user defined funcion. The commands used in the script are explained step by step, showing how to create a database, create a stored procedure, create a function and how to debug these objects with SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

Examples: The video show how to debug four stored procedure and one user defined function. The video then demostrate how to control the execution flow in debug mode, how to create break points and how to observe values in the local, watch and call stack windows.

Keywords: SQL Server, Debug.

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