Database Engine Service Startup Options in SQL Server 2012

Before SQL Server 2012, it was a difficult work to add a trace flag or a startup parameter other than the default startup parameters that SQL Server uses. And, by the way, how the paramater is added from SSCM - the registry keys may not be created correctly - resulting in SQL Server startup code skipping these parameters!!!
In those days, I copy my defaults to Notepad++, than I add paramaters in this way:
  1. Add any new parameters after the first 3 default parameters –d, -e, -l. IMPORTANT never change sorting of these parameters!
  2. Specify the ";" delimiter between each parameter! SSCM uses ";" as the delimiter between parameters.
  3. Do NOT use a space after the delimiter and the parameter identifier (which is the "-" character).
    Copy it back to startup paramaters - save - RESTART the service!
  4. Check the current SQL Server error log and verify that each parameter shows up in a new line and starts at the same indentation.

But now in SQL Server 2012 we have a "Startup Parameters" Tab!

  1. Add any new parameters in the Textfield (NEVER REMOVE the first 3 default pramaters!!!)

  2. After restarting check the current SQL Server error log and verify that each parameter shows up in a new line and starts at the same indentation.

Where to find out about trace flags

Checking the status of trace flags

You can check the status of your trace flags by using the following command:


If you want to know something about Trace Flag 3226, please read Christoph Muthmann's (aka cmu) post:
Trace Flag 3226

I wish you a nice day,


Torsten Schuessler
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    Comment from: cmu
    2012-05-14 @ 10:29:14

    Great article, but the first three parameters cannot be removed: The following parameters are required. They can be changed but not removed. -d is the path of the master.mdf file (the master database data file). -l is the path of the master.ldf file (the master database log file). -e is the path of the SQL Server error log files. Caution If the file path parameters are incorrect SQL Server might not start. CU Christoph

  • Comment from: tosc
    2012-05-14 @ 12:15:37

    Hi Christoph, indeed, you are right - you can't remove it by SSCM, but by deleting the registry paramaters / key :-(

    THX, tosc

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  • Christoph Muthmann
    Trackback from: Christoph Muthmann
    2012-06-28 @ 16:59:56

    Trace Flag 3226
    Weiter geht es in meiner kleinen Reihe zu Trace Flags. Heute etwas zur Nummer 3226 und zur Frage, ob man immer Erfolgsmeldungen im Fehlerprotokoll sehen möchte.