80-20 Retention Server for Microsoft SharePoint - FREE ADD-ON

A FREE add-on for Microsoft SharePoint - the Retention Server.

For organizations using Microsoft SharePoint that need to manage the retention lifecycle of electronic documents and email, 80-20 Retention Server is a free enterprise software solution that automates the retention process by applying information retention policies as part of everyday business processes.

80-20 Retention Server enables organizations to index, link, store, search, access and ultimately disposes of records stored in SharePoint over their complete lifecycle.

Solution Components:

Solution Components
  • Server - enforces retention business rules, installed on Sharepoint Server, stores documents and metadata in SQL Server.
  • Web Part – integrates with Team Spaces and allows direct application of retention schedules to Team documents
  • Records Administration Workbench - for records specialists to administer disposal schedules, file plans and archives.
  • SDK - allows users, partners, developers etc – to further extend if desired the utility of 80-20 Retention Server for Sharepoint in ways specific to corporate need.
  • File Plan – enterprise ready file plan for immediate use, can be extended or modified as needed.
  • Step by Step guide - to implementing retention compliance.