SQL Server 2005 Express free Profiler Tool

A lot of features / tools are included with the SQL Sever 2005 Express Edition (GUI, Reporting Services etc.), but not all of them like the Profiler.

OK, you run a server side trace on your SQL Server Express databases as well as import the data into a table for analysis, but you don`t have a GUI Tool like Profiler - which is include in Standard or above.

But it may be an option to use this free tool SQL Server 2005 Express Profiler.

The SQL Server Express Edition Profiler provides the most of functionality standard profiler does, such as choosing events to profile, setting filters, etc.

SQL Server Express Edition Profiler

So if you are looking for a free performance tool for SQL Server Express take a look at this tool. The source code is also available for download,-) - It is an open source project by AnjLab.

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