Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap Site

Microsoft realized the need to provide better transparency with their new release of the Cloud Platform Roadmap Site.

There are roadmaps given for ...

  • Cloud Infrastructure: 
    • Microsoft Cloud Platform System Azure G-Series VM Sizes
    • Azure ExpressRoute Enhancements
    • Azure Multi-NIC Virtual Machines
    • Azure Network Security Groups
    • Azure Site Recovery Standalone
  • Enterprise mobility: 
    • Azure RemoteApp
    • Azure Active Directory Application Proxy
    • Microsoft Intune: November Service Update
    • Microsoft Intune: December Service Update
    • Microsoft Intune: February Service Update
  • Data management and analytics: 
    • Azure SQL Database Latest Update
    • Azure SQL Database New Service Tiers
    • Azure SQL Database Auditing
    • Azure Machine Learning Marketplace
    • HBase for Azure HDInsight
    • Cluster Customization for Azure HDInsight to include Spark, R, Solr, Giraph
    • Analytics Platform System Appliance Update 3
  • Application development:
    • Visual Studio Community 2013
    • Live Channels for Azure Media Services
    • Content Protection
    • Visual Studio Online: Multi Data Center Support
    • Visual Studio Online: Extensibility
  • Internet of Things: 
    • Microsoft Azure IoT Services

Enough stuff for us all :-)
I prefer - at this time - Azure SQL Database Auditing.

I wish you a nice day,

Torsten Schuessler