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Which service pack do I have installed?

Related to previous post's, sometimes it is helpful to quickly determine SQL Server's service pack level.By selecting @@VERSION in a query window ...SELECT @@VERSION AS "SQL Server Version"you / I get following result: more »

SQL Internals Viewer - looking into the SQL Server storage engine

Danny Gould, created a tool to graphically display database storage internals, and seeing how data is physically allocated, organised and stored - the SQL Internals Viewer. more »

Cumulative Update package 7 for SQL Server 2005 SP2

The Cumulative Update package 7 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (build 9.00.3239) is now available: This CU represents: 40 Resolved Issues 37 Unique Customer Requests CU tosc more »

SQL Server 2005 Express free Profiler Tool

A lot of features / tools are included with the SQL Sever 2005 Express Edition (GUI, Reporting Services etc.), but not all of them like the Profiler.OK, you run a server side trace on your SQL Server Express databases as well as import the data into a… more »

SQL Server 2008 - Whats new in the tools more »

SYNONYM - create aliases for your objects

MS SQL Server 2005 introduces a host of new features, some well-known; some not as familiar, but exciting like SYNONYMs. Synonyms help us to create aliases for our objects. They replace fully qualified name into shortest user-defined name and simplify… more »

Helpful tools at SQLCAT

The Microsoft SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team at SQLCAT have consolidated several tools which they have published on Codeplex and other places under:ToolBoxHere are some entries:SQL DMVStats ToolkitSQL Server 2005 Partition Management… more »

Automatische Vergrößerung der "tempdb"-Systemdatenbank

In MS SQL Server 2005 wird für die "tempdb"-Systemdatenbank mehr Speicherplatz benötigt als in früheren Versionen von SQL Server, dies kommt zu einem durch eine erhöhte Leistungsverbesserung , sowie enthaltender neuer Features zustande (siehe BOL… mehr »

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 February CTP Available

As announced the day before yesterday, the SQL Server 2008 February CTP is now available for download: In addition, there is also the Books… more »

Checking the running time since last SQL-Server instance startup

Below script will query sys.dm_exec_sessions to find out how long the SQL-Server instance is running. CodeDECLARE @elapsed_time AS DATETIME, @lr_start_time AS DATETIME SELECT @lr_start_time = (SELECT last_request_start_time FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions… more »