SSMS Tools Pack 1.5 by Mladen

Do you know the SSMS Tools PACK Add-In, it is an very exciting Add-In (Add-On)for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

It contains many interesting features, and I mean many!

So, take a look - and feel free :-)

CU tosc

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    Frank Kalis
    Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2009-04-02 @ 14:07:38

    After being reluctant to install this Add-In I now really love it. Especially the Connection Colouring and the Create Region thing.

  • Comment from: tosc
    2009-04-02 @ 16:38:59

    Hi Frank, that's right! But you know that the "connection colouring" is a part of ssms 2008? Take a look at - Connection Server Dialog OPTIONS - CONNECTION PROPERTIES - USE COSTUM COLOR :-)

  • Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2009-04-02 @ 20:50:15

    Yes, I know. However, apart from that I still have very limited exposure to SQL Server 2008. This is likely to change when I get my x64 2008 dev box in a couple of weeks. :-)

  • Comment from: tosc
    2009-04-03 @ 21:35:28

    x64 2008 dev box? you mean a virtual windows server 2008 with sql server 2008 dev edition;-) ... OH my god, what will your sysadmin think?

  • Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2009-04-04 @ 20:34:12

    No Sir! This will be a real physical cluster in the dev environment with another real physical cluster in the test environment. :-)

  • Comment from: tosc
    2009-04-05 @ 00:15:07

    physical cluster? a dev box in cluster, in a real cluster? shame! :-)

  • Comment from: Frank Kalis
    2009-04-05 @ 20:27:56

    Exactly. :-)

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