Did you track the growth of your database-backup?

Frequently you'll want to know how fast your database-backup has been growing. Perhaps you have implement a SAN Backup-Device for Backup-to-disk, or you only want know how fast your database has been growing.

This TSQL statement will query the [msdb]..[backupset], to roughly outline the growth of your database-backup, for each user-database of the local server.

DECLARE @command VARCHAR(1000) CREATE TABLE #db_backup_grow (DBName sysname, BackupDate sysname, SizeInGB sysname) SELECT @command = 'USE [?] SELECT ''?'' AS DBName ,BackupDate = CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),[backup_start_date], 111) ,SizeInGB = ([backup_size]/1073741824) FROM [msdb]..[backupset] WHERE [database_name] = ''?'' AND [type]=''D'' ORDER BY [backup_start_date] DESC' INSERT INTO #db_backup_grow EXEC sp_MSforeachdb @command SELECT * FROM #db_backup_grow WHERE DBName not in ('master', 'model', 'msdb', 'tempdb') ORDER BY DBName, BackupDate, SizeInGB DROP TABLE #db_backup_grow

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