Great New Resource for SQL Server 2005 Books Online Information

The Microsoft SQL Server Team and the SQL User Edutcation Team has been working hard to get better,more and good information out to there users. They have created a new a customized Windows Live search, that limits results to SQL Server… more »

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2a ?

UPDATE READ THIS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 + Cumulative Updates Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 Beta now available Cumulative update package 10 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack… more »

SharePoint - csegSearch update 1.5

Carlos Segura Sanz has updated his csegSearch (for SPS 2003) to version 1.5. ;) Now some issues with the custom results, are correctly displayed. For more information plz visit Carlos Segura Sanz. more »

SQL Server Hosting Toolkit

Microsoft Download Center published Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard 1.1 (for hosting costumers) and Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Services 1.0 (for hosters). This toolkit was posted by the SQL Server team on SQL Server Hosting… more »

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Schritt für Schritt

  SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Schritt für Schritt Reed Jacobson, Stacia Misner, Hitachi Consulting 2006 Microsoft Press Deutschland 464 Seiten 39,90 EURO ISBN: 3-86645-560-7 In der Microsoft Press bekannten Methode - Step by Step –, wird der… mehr »

Listing all databases backup

Are you sure, that you make your db backups? CREATE VIEW ViewLastBackup AS SELECT AS 'DataBase', Backup_Date, Days_since_last_Backup FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases AS a LEFT JOIN (SELECT database_name,MAX(backup_finish_date) AS Backup_Date,… more »

Listing a specified field in a database

Sometimes you know the field name, but forget about in which table it is. This small procedure will help you ;). USE AdventureWorks --- the database must be specified GO CREATE PROCEDURE procAllTableswithField(@columnname nvarchar(400)='%') AS… more »

bsimser released SharePoint Forums 1.2

New Navigation menu to quickly jump to anywhere on the system Ability to place forums and categories in whatever display order you want Topic title/full body message search with links to topics/forums Ability to configure date format displays… more »

Update: 80-20 Retention Server 1.1 released

David Gillespie: We're very pleased to announce that we have just uploaded version 1.1 Its still free and you can still download it from: Don't forget to get the updated documentation as well… more »

PDF search support for WSS under SPS

You know, that your WSS-Sites search uses the SQL-Server Full-Text-Catalog for indexing to work.To add the PDF search support: you'll need to download and install the PDF IFilter to your SQL-Server(s) used by SharePointrebuild the SQL Server… more »