Which login has what server role permissions

Below script will query sys.server_role_members / sys.server_principals to find out which logins have what server role access.

SELECT 'ServerRole' = CASE
WHEN rm.role_principal_id > 2 THEN SUSER_NAME(rm.role_principal_id) END,
lgn.name AS 'MemberName',
'Login Create Date'=Convert(VARCHAR(24),Create_Date,126)
FROM sys.server_role_members AS rm RIGHT OUTER JOIN
sys.server_principals AS lgn ON rm.member_principal_id = lgn.principal_id
WHERE (lgn.principal_id <= 1 OR lgn.principal_id > 10) AND lgn.type <> 'C'
ORDER BY ServerRole DESC, MemberName

You could download it here

CU tosc

SQL Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search for: sys.server_role_members sys.server_principals