I want some Moore - SSMS Tools Pack by Mladen Prajdić

SSMS Tools Pack is an very exciting Add-In (Add-On) for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and respective Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express Versions. This tool is developed by Mladen Prajdić (Blog | Twitter).

Mladen Prajdić is an SQL Server MVP and C# developer!
This release adds a great new feature and fixes a few bugs.

"The new feature called Window Content History saves the whole text in all all opened SQL windows every N minutes with the default being 30 minutes. This feature fixes the shortcoming of the Query Execution History which is saved only when the query is run. If you're working on a large script and never execute it, the existing Query Execution History wouldn't save it. By contrast the Window Content History saves everything in a .sql file so you can even open it in your SSMS. The Query Execution History and Window Content History files are correlated by the same directory and file name so when you search through the Query Execution History you get to see the whole saved Window Content History for that query. Because Window Content History saves data in simple searchable .sql files there isn't a special search editor built in. It is turned ON by default but despite the built in optimizations for space minimization, be careful to not let it fill your disk. You can see how it looks in the pictures in the feature list. "

The fixed bugs are:

  • SSMS 2008 R2 slowness reported by few people.
  • An object explorer context menu bug where it showed multiple SSMS Tools entries and showed wrong entries for a node.
  • A datagrid bug in SQL snippets.
  • Ability to read illegal XML characters from log files.
  • Fixed the upper limit bug of a saved history text to 5 MB.
  • A bug when searching through result sets prevents search.
  • A bug with Text formatting erroring out for certain scripts.
  • A bug with finding servers where it would return null even though servers existed.
  • Run custom scripts objects had a bug where |SchemaName| didn't display the correct table schema for columns. This is fixed. Also |NodeName| and |ObjectName| values now show the same thing.

So, take a look - and feel free :-)


I wish you all  a nice day,