SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 (RC0) now available

First, the Microsoft branding team unveiled an official new logo for SQL Server 2008.   more »

Building and Deploying Large Scale SQL Server Reporting Services

At SQLCAT there is a new technical note that introduce the Building and Deploying Large Scale SQL Server Reporting Services Environments, which provides general guidance on how to set up, implement, more »

SQL Server Automation Scripts

The Microsoft SQL Server Community introduces a new OPSDB Section (SQL Server Automation Scripts), with T-SQL Scripts for administration and analysing the entire SQL Server.You can visit OpsDB Section here. CU tosc more »

How Microsoft IT Leverages SQL Server 2008 SSIS Dataflow Engine Enhancements

http://sqlcat.com/presentations/archive/2008/06/04/how-microsoft-it-leverages-sql-server-2008-ssis-dataflow-engine-enhancements.aspx CU tosc more »

PHP Driver for SQL Server 2005

There is a new SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP Community Technology Preview, a PHP 5 extension that allows for the reading and writing of SQL Server data from within PHP scripts.For more Information please read SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP… more »

Sync All Logins on a Server in a single click using SP_MSForEachDB

Ken Simmons, has published an interesting article about login sync, on SQL Server Central. Follow up: Sync All Logins on a Server in a single click using SP_MSForEachDB CU tosc more »

SQL Server 2005/2008 Performance Troubleshooting

SQLCAT, has published a flowchart explaining how to troubleshoot most common performance and scalability issues with SQL Server. Follow up: SQL Customer Advisory Team’s Troubleshooting SQL Server 2005/2008 Performance and Scalability Flowchart CU tosc more »

Did you track the growth of your database-backup?

Frequently you'll want to know how fast your database-backup has been growing. Perhaps you have implement a SAN Backup-Device for Backup-to-disk, or you only want know how fast your database has been growing.This TSQL statement will query the… more »

Why you should upgrade to SQL Server 2008

There is an interesting post by Buck Woody: http://blogs.msdn.com/buckwoody/archive/2008/05/06/why-you-should-upgrade-to-sql-server-2008.aspx CU tosc more »

SQLExamples: Common Solutions for T-SQL Problems

There is a new great WIKI ressource for common T-SQL solutions at MSDN Code Gallery, it's called SQLExampels.In this WIKI presented information, represents the suggestions, ideas, and opinions of Volunteer Moderators and Answerers (you know Arnie Roland… more »