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80-20 Retention Server for Microsoft SharePoint - FREE ADD-ON

A FREE add-on for Microsoft SharePoint - the Retention Server. For organizations using Microsoft SharePoint that need to manage the retention lifecycle of electronic documents and email, 80-20 Retention Server is a free enterprise software solution that… more »

Shane - Tabbed Menus (11 in fact)

Shane... great browsing: Here are 11 free ones you can use - just pop them into a content editor web part and you are all set. mehr »

SharePoint - CAMLEditor v1.0

Carlos Segura has published a new Version of CAML Editor Highlights: • New tabbed interface • Code completion and folding support in text editor • CAML code generator completely rewritten • Many Bugs fixed • New Validation error interface inside… more »

SharePoint Tools Galore v5

joris poelmans has published another update of the SharePoint and MCMS tools Galore list. For more information plz visit SharePoint Tools Galore v5 more »

DRM Project Management Suite available on Microsoft Sharepoint site

The Fraunhofer Institute For Applied Information Technology FIT developed a solution package, titeld 'DRM Project Management Suite', extending Microsoft Windows Sharepoint. The main functionalities of 'DRM Project Management Suite' are: Comfortable… more »

Carlos Segura - SharePoint - CAML Editor v0.00

Wow, another strike by Carlos Segura - The CAML Editor. for more information visit SharePoint - CAML Editor v0.00 more »

Nigels Blog - Another Custom Search Result WebPart. Document Details page in WSS

NigelBridport published another custom search ResultWebPart - where you can select a document from the search results, instead of actually opening the document [read more ...] a nice job! more »

Graham Tyler - 'Windows Folder web part'

The Goldfish Bowl has published his Windows Folder web part. This web part enable users to share files that they are not typically able to using SharePoint Document Libraries or lists. For mor information and download plz follow 'Windows Folder web… more »

themes for SharePoint sites - UPDATED

10 free themes to spice up your SharePoint sites. But notice Shane Perran: You can use them as often as you like, share them with your friends/co-workers. Not for re-sale. UPDATE: SharePoint Customization: Theme Pack Update more »

csegRollUp v3 published

Carlo Segura has published his new version of the RollUp-webpart. New features: Include List Data flag, if you enable the checkbox the xml data will include the underscore data (_ListTitle, _ListUrl, _SiteTitle, _SiteUrl, _ItemId, _ItemUrl, _ItemEdit)… more »
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