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SQL Server 2012 RTM sample databases

SQL Server 2012 RTM sample databases are available at codeplex

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Countdown to 24 Hours of PASS

In 2 weeks, we’ll be knee-deep in the best 24 hours of free, online SQL Server training in the industry with 24 Hours of PASS. Beginning March 21 at 00:00 GMT, this spring’s event will provide closed captioning in 15 languages as a global lineup of top SQL Server and BI experts present 24 back-to-back webcasts with a special focus on SQL Server 2012. Thanks to members of our various PASS Virtual Chapters for moderating each session. Check out the session list sorted by track, and register today!

SQL Server 2012 RTM

Heute wird in der Keynote des virtuellen globalen SQL Server 2012 Launch Events die Freigabe der RTM-Version verkündet.
Morgen findet dann der deutsche virtuelle Launch statt.

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The Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012

Big Data

Das Thema "Big Data" wurde jetzt von einem SQL Server MVP in seinem blog "Big On Data" aufgegriffen.

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