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Preview of SQL Server 2012, Codename Denali CTP 1 presented at PASS Summit 2010 in Seattle

This year’s PASS Summit again surpassed the former year’s one. And this was not only because of even more sessions, internationally well-known speakers and even more attendees. This November, the next release of SQL Server was officially being introduced to the public, and the first CTP is ready for download for the broad public.

The improvements and features are enormous. Developers can look forward to a new Development Environment (Project Juneau), and new capabilities and performance using the new Filetable-Feature, as well as super fast response through the new Column-Based Query Accelerator technology.

Analysis Services will be receiving a new engine, based on the Vertipaq (known from PowerPivot), called BI Semantic Model for easier development for less complex BI Projects. (The UDM will stay as an alternative)
Here is a link to the Technet article on “Analysis Services – Roadmap for SQL Server “Denali” and Beyond”.

Integration Services ware becoming a true windows service for central execution and management.


Reporting Services users and developers can look forward to an web-integrated report designer together with interactive and dynamic charts. (Project Crescent)

Administrators gain new possibilities regarding security with customizable Server roles and database-only users. Database-only users are especially meant to support the new “Contained database”-Feature, which eases the deployment and movement of databases together with the depending objects from server scope.
(You can find a good high-level overview on the log-on process of database-only users at this msdn blog-post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlsecurity/archive/2010/12/08/contained-database-authentication-in-depth.aspx. And here is a great blog-post, going through different scenarios with this feaure: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/aaron_bertrand/archive/2010/11/16/sql-server-v-next-denali-contained-databases.aspx.)

High Availability will be eased by combining the log-shipping, database-mirroring and Clustering features under a new concept of “Always on” technologies, which can be used to form a so called “Availability Group”.

Steffen Krause from Microsoft Germany has some more info on the Denali release and also shows demos in his webcasts: http://blogs.technet.com/b/steffenk/archive/2010/11/15/sql-server-denali-ctp-1-verf-252-gbar-was-ist-neu.aspx

If you want to check out the CTP yourself, here is the link: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/en/us/product-info/future-editions.aspx



Sarpedon Quality Lab

SQLCon Session “Anspruchsvollere Berichte mit Reporting Services 2008”

Auf der diesjährigen SQLCon in Mainz hielt ich die Session Anspruchsvollere Berichte mit Reporting Services 2008.

Link: http://it-republik.de/dotnet/sqlcon09/sessions/?tid=1259#session-10624

Themen waren:


–Mehrere Gruppen auf einer Achse
–Static Header – wie geht das jetzt?
–Listen (gruppieren)



–Dynamisches Wachstum
–Trendlines einbauen, Pareto-Charts
–Multiple Charts




–Varianten und Customizing



–Charts und Gauges innerhalb von Tablix (Microcharts)


Weitere „Angenehmlichkeiten“

–Felder in Page Header & Footer

Hinweise auf Weitere interessante Neuerungen

Ausblick SQL Server 2008 R2

–Map Control
–Componentizing Reports



bis zum Nächsten mal,


Andreas Wolter


Sarpedon Quality Lab

Europäische PASS Konferenz 2009 zu SQL Server vom 22.-24. April in Neuss

Über 20 Sprecher in 36 technischen Sessions in 2 Tagen (Hauptkonferenz) zu Business Intelligence, Datanbankentwicklung und -Administration mit Fokus auf SQL Server 2008.

ich halte den Vortrag “Standardizing and Centralizing Report Design”.
How can reusable design and layout be accomplished:
The Basics:
Using Layout-Templates
Using Style-Templates
Custom methods
Using Custom Code
Using an Assembly
Using plain T-SQL
Combining techniques
The Ultimate Step: Style Template + Custom style + Layout Template
Further possibilities

Meine Empfehlung außerdem: die Preconference (1 Tag) "SQL Server 2008 Engine Performance and Advanced Diagnostics" mit Bob Ward vom Microsoft PSS Team

Eine super Gelegenheit mit den Größen der Branche in Kontakt zu kommen.

See you in Neuss -> zur website mit weiteren Informationen

European PASS Conference 2009

Andreas Wolter Training & Consulting

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