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Upcoming Conferences 2012: PASS SQLSaturday in Munich, SQLCon in Mainz, PASS SQLRally in Copenhagen, PASS Summit in Seattle, PASS Camp in Darmstadt

After I already launched the SQL Server 2012 together with Microsoft at Cologne this February, this year’s second half I will be speaker at 5 Conferences almost in a row:


SQLSaturday #170 - Munich 2012


Basta! 2012 Speaker


SQL PASS Rally Nordic


  • From October 22nd – 25th I will hold several sessions on:
    AlwaysOn and ReadOnly Routing”, “Data Corruption Survival with CHECKDB”,  “Security” and “Tracing with Extended Events
    in the track
    SQL Server 2012 Toolbelt for DBA’s and Developer
    in Seeheim, close to Darmstadt, Germany at the PASS Camp


SQL PASS Summit 2012


what a year..!

I hope to see you around at some of those places.

Scripting Table Data with SQL Server 2008 R2

I recently was asked, whether the Feature “Script Data” as T-SQL-command INSERT INTO… has been removed in SQL Server 208 R2.

In fact, it was not visible on first sight.

This is how you can find it:

It is still the right-click “Tasks” - “Generate Scripts” –Wizard.

After having chosen the Table(s), the following window appears:


there click “Advanced” and scroll down inside the “General”-part until the Element “Types of data” to script


And there under the following drop-down, it is hidden:


And the German translation “Datentypen, für die ein Skript erstellt wird”, makes it even harder to detect:


Conclusion: Scripting out Data with “INSERT INTO”-commands is a bit hidden – (under SQL 2008 it was under the “Table/View Options”, now under “General” – “Types of data to script”) but still available :-)