SSMS 2012 crashes while converting

When converting a SQL Server 2008R2 project with SSMS 2012 it crashes under some circumstances.

Maybe it is an issue with the language of the installations. I've found the wrong ssmssln on a german workstation.

Modifying ssmssln

Comparing two solutions which were generated on a server and a workstation I've found a difference. In the ssmssln file are two paragraphs which are different. You have to modify the ssmssln before converting:
Change: Standard|Default = Standard|Default
To: Default|Default = Default|Default

Change: Standard|Default.ActiveCfg = Standard To: Default|Default.ActiveCfg = Default

What is the difference?

Inspite to the fact, we were working with solutions, there was no configuration visible and I have never cared about it. But with SSMS 2012 you can get a glimpse on the configuration.

So SSMS 2012 seems to care more about the configuration than SSMS2008R2 has done. But now it stumbles over the mixed translations. ;-(

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